Transforming your homes and offices into modem and contemporary living & workings spaces with quality custom made products.

What we are all about

Urban Studio Designs is a one-stop shop for all your office and home decor interior and exterior products that are related to the window and floor coverings. Comprising of custom made blinds and shutters for indoor and outdoor use. Wooden Flooring & vinyl flooring. A variety of outdoor blinds and custom made furniture items. All the products we offer are custom made to the product selection, plus colour and measurements of the windows or doors.

Our Story

Urban Studio Designs was founded in 2015 with the core value of providing superior quality products & services, whilst providing premium customer service with competitive pricing.

Urban Studio Designs is a small company that is focused on custom made products such as Blinds which we have over 16 year’s experience of manufacturing and installations. We also custom make all our curtains and furniture items. All our flooring and other custom made items are only is sourced from only the best suppliers and quality materials to offer you a premium product at comprehensive prices.


Experience Speaks For Itself.

Backed up with a wealth of experience and knowledge gained from my previous employment as a interior designer and factory manager for a large blinds and shutter company.

Going The Extra Mile

We have successfully completed 100’s of projects and have many satisfied clients. Which are still doing business with us and also refer us to the friend and family.

We hope to build a strong foundation in trust and relationships with our client as trust goes a long way.

Our Vision

There are many company’s that provide this same products and similar services, not all know much about what they sell and like most they hire out or subcontract there installers. Here at Urban Studio Designs we do everthing from measuring, quotating, manufacturing, supply and installations, we dont hand out our work, we dont subcontact. We are responsible for all our work done for you. There is nothing more frustrating dealing with a supplier that won’t take respsibility for there mistakes or product, this attitude you won’t find with us.

My vision each time i see my clients is to offer my advice to help choose the best product that would reflect style, illuminate the colour and enrich the overall finish. We know anyone can sell products, but we are more than that. We don’t hold information back, as i believe it’s important that each client is provided with the most up-to date information and designs available before making their selection of product.

Providing you with all the options so later there are no regrets on your investments.

Get the Right Stuff

Most of our products are imported and assembled locally, time is always the problem as each product has its time delay to be manufactured and installed. Urban Studio Design is completely dedicated to time efficacy for ourselves and also for our clients. We do all the hard work to make it more practical and transparent for our client to make choices and decisions.

Choose Carefully

When choosing your next supplier check the finer details. Don’t just buy any product with a colour. Be informed and ask questions. If they cannot give you the right answers they properly don’t work with the product and out source costing you more money . In many cases we find that our clients have not been informed of the quality or have been misled about the quality of the product or its suitable use and application.

Why should you choose our product and services ?

Price / Product / Service

Since the beginning we have provided all our clients with excellent quality products and services. We have only delivered quality workmanship for each project we have been given to do.  We are constantly receiving request for repeat business with our current clients and have been highly recommended and referred us to their friends and family due to our stratifying workmanship and excellent quality of products provided.


Our goal is to provide our clients with accurate and up to date information on our blinds, flooring, furniture items, outdoor blinds as well as all other product we supply and install for its correct application and use. We will always advise you on what is best suitable for each of our products.



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