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Welcome to Urban Studio Designs

One place where you can find the right product and service for your home or office

Providing you with the essential elements of finishing decor that you can add to complete your projects. Furthermore offering our services in the sectors as suppliers, designers, manufacturers and installers.

Most of all we only supply quality custom made products and provide other supplied and installed product items as well.

Specializing in the supply and installation of all types of custom made Blinds & Shutters for both indoor and outdoor uses. While also offering options for motorized and non-motorized blinds.

In addition also custom make all our curtains & soft furnishings. Supply and install a variety of laminate flooring, vinyl flooring and engineered flooring. We also custom design and manufacture all our furniture items from wall units and any other design you need.

We encourage you to get the professionals who know what they are doing, to provide you with that exact service and quality product. At Urban Studio Designs we will advise you on the right products for each application & deliver what we promise.

Our services extend beyond our warranties and guarantees, to ensure peace of mind when investing into our product ranges. We already have many satisfied clients that have already used our services and continue to call on use for new and other projects.

Did you know that Blinds provide the best form of sun protect and light control.

Here is a selection of the most preferred choices of blinds that our clients are choose, we also have more blind types and style available to you. View more about the products, learn more about the different options we offer for each product.

Check out the colours and textures that are available to you.

Roman Blinds

Linked Roller Blinds

Double Roller Blinds

Venetian Blinds

Vertical Blinds

We supply and install all types of interior & exterior blinds. View our products for more on what we offer.

Laminate Flooring

Colour, Style and Texture are words for thought when choose your flooring. Of course the price is important, but we all know that no one will just pay for something they don’t like. Urban Studio Designs offers you exclusive designs that are not only affordable but very attractive.

Vinyl Flooring

100% Water Proof Flooring that is durable and ridged and suitable for any home and office use. Vinyl flooring can be installed in your high moisture areas like kitchens and bathrooms and also all around your home and office. Now you can have peace of mind know your floors will keep looking great all year round.

Engineered Flooring

Good and Solid get it just right, there is nothing more satisfying than a solid floor. Knowing that every home needs a good foundation with a good looking floor. We specialize in the supply and installation of all our flooring products. Ensuring high quality installations and finishes.


Finishing Trims or shirting’s boards are available in many forms of materials, designs and sizes. Add your style by finishing off your flooring project with the perfect trim and colour.

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