The foundation for every type of room design is the floor. Set your style by coving them in your own tone and comfort. Choosing the colour of the floor panels and their arrangement to complement your home. Offering a wide variety of laminate flooring colours and textures. Transforming your living spaces, giving them personality and significance. Laminate flooring can create a relaxed atmosphere and enhance quality of living. Wood replications continue to be the most popular decors for laminate flooring.

The incredible authenticity is achieved by imitating selected types of real wood with sophisticated replication methods. Oak replications with their nearly unlimited shades have a timeless quality. Variations can be created by subtly altering the natural appearance of the wood, for example whitewashed natural decors or wooden floors with different aged effects


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AC 3 – Smooth Join Laminate Flooring

AC 3 – Smooth Join
Laminate Flooring


Silky Smooth

We start off with our entry flooring with an AC3 rating, imported from the Swiss, this range of laminate flooring is the highest grade AC3 and boasts a wide colour range.

Key Features ….

  • 8mm thickness & made in Swaziland
  • 6 + colours to choose from
  • suitable for home and office use
AC 4 – Smooth Join Laminate Flooring

AC 4 – Smooth Join
Laminate Flooring


Take it to the next level

Bring in the elegance of realistic timber floors into your home and office with our collections of AC4 laminate flooring, comprising of natural to dark and authentic wood finishes.

Key Features ….

  • 8mm & 10mm thickness, made in Germany & Swaziland
  • 15 + colours to choose from
  • long lasting, great warranties & suitable for home and office use
AC 4 – V- Groove Laminate Flooring

AC 4 – V- Groove
Laminate Flooring


Identify your Style

Laminate flooring today has need looked better with our v-groove laminate boards, offering you the highest quality flooring that is designed to last and not to go out of fashion.

Key Features ….

  • 8mm & 10mm thickness, made in Germany & Swaziland
  • 15 + colours to choose from
  • highlights each board for authentic wood look
  • long lasting, great warranties & suitable for home and office use
AC 5 – XXXL & Extra Wide Laminate Flooring

AC 5 – XXXL & Extra Wide
Laminate Flooring


Going Large

They say bigger is better, with our variety of extra wide and XXXL laminate flooring that replicates big  timber flooring, giving the feeling of  expanded room size.

Key Features ….

  • 8mm & 12mm thickness laminate flooring
  • 14 + colours to choose from
  • G5 locking systems
  • can be mopped
  • comes with lifetime warranties, no maintenance required, no sanding, no painting
Herringbone Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring


Vee Va Voom

New to the laminate flooring range, herringbone laminate flooring is now available in a variety of layouts at more attractive & affordable prices than timber flooring.

Key Features ….

  • 12 mm thick herringbone laminate flooring
  • 10 layout designs
  • 5 colour
  • Lifetime warranties.



Laminate Flooring: Exactly What Is It? The look and feel of high-quality laminate floors make them virtually indistinguishable from real wood. Unlike parquet floors, however, they aren’t made from solid wood. Instead, they consist of an engineered wood core layer covered with a decorative layer.

Laminate Flooring: Exactly What Is It
Laminate flooring comes in various widths and lengths. Large formats with surrounding V-joint and nature-identical embossing are now especially popular, as they replicate genuine country house-style plank floors more convincingly than ever before.
Laminate Flooring V-Grove and Butt -Join
Laminate flooring that is embossed in register – in other words, with the embossing closely following the colours of the grain, a technique that is known in some countries as “synchronized laminate” – looks astonishingly like real wood. Good laminate flooring is also robust, lightfast, easy to clean, and characterized by low emissions.

Embossed In Register (EIR) – This is an expensive process whereby the timber grain in the laminate is embossed to create a very realistic finish Beveled edges – this is where the ends and sides of the boards are cut at a slight angle to create a small “V” bevel. This is another feature added to make the floor look more timber like. AC – AC is a rating system that measures Abrasive Resistance and determines if a floor can cope with high traffic such as retail or is limited to residential purposes. Most floors tend to be AC3 or AC4

Eco Friendly

Laminate flooring is made primarily from wood, in other words from a natural raw material. Despite this, many people still believe that it is plastic. In actual fact, this type of flooring consists of a core of high-density fiberboard (HDF) to which a layer of décor paper is applied. The HDF panels consist to about 90% of wood fiber and 10% of environmentally friendly bonding resin. Laminate flooring coverings do not contain any plasticizers or pesticides or any other harmful additives.

You can therefore be sure that all our laminate flooring has an excellent environmental footprint and is thoroughly healthy. Laminate Flooring: Where can it be used? In private homes, high-quality laminate flooring can be laid just about anywhere. Some varieties are even suitable for kitchens, for which decors that emulate tile or stone are especially popular. Laminate flooring is also often installed in commercial establishments, including hotels, restaurants, offices and shops.

These floors naturally take more of a beating than in homes. So make sure that you choose a product of an appropriate utilization and abrasion resistance class so you can continue enjoying it for a very long time to come.

How to Clean Laminate Flooring?

So now that you have your floors installed, the next step is to ask yourself: How do I clean my Laminate Flooring? Cleaning and maintenance are a lot more relevant than you may think. Proper maintenance can ensure that your floors serve for their maximum lifespan.

Just like all wood or wood composite floors, Laminate Flooring should not be exposed to stagnant pools of water for extended amounts of time, therefore, always clean up spills on laminates as soon as possible. The method of how to clean laminate flooring for everyday purposes mainly focuses on the amount of water.

These floors should not be cleaned with a very wet mop as the excessive water could damage them. Additionally, do not pour detergent straight onto the surface as this might stain the boards. Instead, spray the detergent onto a damp cloth or mop. We recommend that you use a microfiber mop, well rinsed a just wet enough to wipe. We don’t recommend using harsh chemical and spays as they evidently will cause future damage to your floors.

We recommend to use 1 to 2 caps of vinegar per liter of water (warm or cold) is the best solutions as it cleans the floor and leaves no chemical haze behind like all other detergents. We also suggest that you sweep and vacuum more than wet wiping or semi dry mop. Laminate flooring does not require any form of polishing.

If you have heavy furniture or other furniture items that would be moved regularly, you can purchase self-adhesive carpet pieces that can be stuck to the bottom of your furniture item to prevent scratching, even though laminate flooring is scratch resistant, taking precaution is better than causing damage to your floors.

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