Linked Roller Blinds

Multiple Roller Blinds that are linked using single brackets

to support or directly link to minimize your light gaps

Roller Blind linking layout options

Depending on the number of roller blinds you want to link, you can choose from a variety of different layouts to get the effect you desire. Select either chain drive or a motor to operate. Using a combination of components you can reduce the light gaps between your blinds.

The purpose behind the linked blind is to reduce light gaps, reduce the number of brackets for a clean smart look and also to join blinds to function as 1. This also reduces the cost if you wish to motorize your blinds and link 2 blinds with 1 motor.

Dummy Support

2 blinds each with a control chain. 1 center bracket to reduce light gaps between the fabric of the blind.

Active Link

This system links 2 blinds and makes them work as 1 blind. The 1 blind will have a pin with small gears that connect into another gear, this creates a direct link and drives both blinds together.

Multi Drive - Left

Giving you more control options. This system is a mix of both active link and dummy support. 3 blind in 1 with with minimal light gaps between the blinds. This system really helps for those large sliding doors that open up your living areas.

Multi Drive - Right

The same system with opposite controls

Quad Drive

With this system you can have 4 blinds in 1 window. Each side has 2 blinds that are linked and move in pairs. Giving you less light gaps between the fabric and also covering those large windows or doors.

Double Dummy Support

4 blinds in 1 window all with independent controls

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