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Measuring for your new blinds is easy. All you need is a tape measure. You need to capture the measurements in millimeters so accuracy is important. We will make the adjustments for mounting brackets.

Inside fit : also know as Recess Mount


Starting from the top of the window place the tape measure inside the recess edge and measure across to the other inside edge of the recess. Do this again half way down and then again at the bottom. Write down each size and use the smallest measurement as your width.

Drop or height

Take a measurement from the top left side to the bottom of the window.  Repeat this in the middle and right side. Record each size as you measure and use the shortest measurement as your drop.

Outside Fit : also know as face fix


Decide how much you want the blind to overlap the window frame or door frame. For Venetian blinds you can add 60 mm up to 100 mm or more, this is our recommenced add on. Write down this measurement as your width. Your blinds will be made to the size you measure including the overlap.


Decide how far above and below the window frame and door frame you want the blind to cover and then take a measurement between the top and bottom. Write down this measurement as your drop, we would recommended to add 100 mm at the top and bottom.

Linked blind or NON linked

Split – 2 blinds side by side

Decide where you want to split the blind and then, starting from the left side of the window, take a measurement across to where the split should be. Write down this measurement as your split. Follow the instructions above for all other windows and doors.

Measure your Flooring

WIDTH x LENGTH = Square meters ( sqm )

Use a tape measure and run it across the width and length of your rooms. Then write down each size you measure in millimeters or centimeters. Once all the sizes have been recorded you can then multiply them line for line then add altogether to get the total square meters. Note that you will also need to add 10% to the total, this will provide enough material for the cutting and wastage.


  • Bedroom 1 – square 1 : Width – 3.540 mm x Length 2.550 mm = 9.027 sqm
  • Bedroom 1 – square 2 : Width – 0.940 mm x Length 1.440 mm = 1.3536 sqm
  • Bedroom 1 Total : 9.027 + 1.3536 sqm = 10.3806
  • Total with 10% = 11.41866 sqm

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