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100% water proof and weather proof outdoor blinds, protecting your home and outdoor spaces.

Our high-quality PVC coated products are designed for outdoor use and can handle exposure to UV and weathering. The base cloth is an integral part of a direct coated product; the tear and tensile strengths as well as most of the stability of the product is determined by the base cloth.

Our Base cloth is 550 grams and our clear windows are 750 grams.


Key Features …….

  • 16 colours are available in 550 grams base cloth ( PVC )
  • Clear windows are 750 grams ( PVC )
  • UV Stabilized
  • Non Stick Formulation
  • Higher Clarity specifications
  • 10mm / 20 mm high frequency welded joins
  • Reinforced bottom PVC flap with double stitch over the weld
  • 100% complex approval rate
  • Keeps your patio warm in winter/dry in Summer


The images below shows you parts of the installation of the PVC outdoor blinds and additional options available.

In the first image, we show you how the bottom part of the blinds are secured. We use a stainless steel floor mounting plate that is installed on the floor. The webbing and cam buckle with hook is on the blind, this connects to the floor plate and tightens, this holds the bottom rail in place and prevents movement.

In image two, is the aluminum c tracks that are installed on the top and side to secure the blind to the wall or fixture.

In image three and four are additional options if you were to need a roll up / down window, the purpose for this is for added privacy and sun block. Doors can be added into the blinds for easy access.


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