Serge Ferrari Soltis Outdoor Fabric Range

Shade Weave

Soltis has unique visibility property differences compaired to its competitors. Which gives it an inimitable contemporary dimention and ensurs long term structural aestheics.

All our outdoor screen roller blind can also be motorized.


Key Features …….

  • 13 colours are available
  • 30% polyester & 70% mesh
  • UV Stabilized
  • Light filtering – 95% UV Blocking / Light Blocking
  • Higher Clarity specifications
  • Colour Fastness
  • Heavy Duty components – aluminum and stainless steel
  • 100% complex approval rate
  • Keeps your patio warm in winter/dry in Summer


The images below shows you parts of the installation of the PVC outdoor blinds and additional options available.

In the first image, we show you how the bottom part of the blinds are secured. We use a stainless steel s – hooks to secure into the floor plates on each side of the blind. Using the crank handle you turn the gear box to add tension on the fabric, this keeps everything tight.

In image two, is the aluminum brackets and cast aluminum gear box that is used for all the standard crank system. Gear box is 11.1 ratio.

In image three and four are full view of the product and an actual blind secured into the floor plate.


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