Skirting Boards

Finishing touches are so important, by adding shirting's that reflect your style and complement your floors.


We supply and install all types of shirting’s as shown below. Chose your colour, material and size.

Pine Skirting

Choose the style, size and colour you want. We offer you 70 mm, 100 mm & 140 mm high x 20 mm thick.

Meranti Skirting

Mostly used for stained colours. But if you want you can also have them painted. There are also various styles available and sises. They come in 70 mm, 100 mm & 140 mm high x 20 mm thick.

Plastic Skirting

Available in limited styles and sizes. Many colour to choose from so you can match you flooring or go with a colour that is different to your floors. We recommend white or mahogany

MDF Folid Skirting

Match your flooring with a colour that is similar or choose a colour that will highlight the difference between your floor and wall.

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