When looking for a new floor, most of the time our efforts start with the look and overall feel the floor can add to the space. Ultimately, we all want floors that both look stylish and will last, so the durability factor is one of the most common practicalities that can be a deciding reason for homeowners. Vinyl flooring has long been a family favorite – especially in high traffic areas and wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. This is due to its ability to resist moisture along with its durability.

Vinyl flooring is actually PVC plastic produced as flooring Most vinyl’s, be it sheet, plank or tile, also come with approved slip ratings which gives you peace of mind when it comes to a wet floor. Vinyl flooring gives you the ability to select from an exciting range of designs, pattern, colours, textures and qualities. That makes vinyl’s more applicable to a far wider range of application. The innovative Cutting edge technologies create natural looking textures and greater visual depth that closely resemble wood, tile and even stone.


Traviloc Isocore XL
Diamond Core SPC
Vinyl Flooring – Twigg
Traviloc Isocore Classic



Stick Down
Vinyl Flooring


Trendy Flooring

The DeZign range combines all the best features of a floor: With authentic wood grains boasting rich texture and colour that is available to you. The ranges we have available to you vary in thickness and ware layer. The S100 & S200 range is perfect for your home and the S250 for commercial space.

Key Features ….

  • stick down – glue down vinyl
  • many colours to choose from
  • verious uses from light to heavy domestic and light commercial
  • ware layers between 0,3 mm – 0.5mm
Rustic Walnut Vinyl Flooring

Diamind Core – Click
Vinyl Flooring


A Step above the Rest

They say quality comes at a price, well they are right, vinyl flooring is not the cheapest flooring but certainly some of the most efficient. Out performing all other floors on our market today. It’s no wonder why its the prefered flooring been requested today.

Key Features ….

  • 6.5 mm thickness
  • Rigid core vinyl SPC ( stone plastic composute )
  • 8 colour to choose from
  • high density limestone core
  • suitable for direct sunlight
  • 100% waterproof & heat resistant
  • ware layers between 0,5 mm
  • 30 years domestic & 10 years commercial warranty
Rustic Walnut Vinyl Flooring

Traviloc – Click
Vinyl Flooring


A Step above the Rest

They say quality comes at a price, well they are right, vinyl flooring is not the cheapest flooring but certainly some of the most efficient and out performing floors on our market today, it’s no wonder why they are been requested so often

Key Features ….

  • 6.5 mm thickness, made in Germany
  • 15 + colour to choose from
  • suitable for home and office
  • ware layers between 0,55 mm with lifetime warranties
Natural Oak Flooring

Firmfit – Click
Vinyl Flooring


Identify your Style

Something different from your average vinyl flooring, engineered vinyl flooring designed to be used in high traffic areas for commercial use and as a super strong floor that can also be used for you home.

Key Features ….

  • 5 mm thickness, made in Germany
  • 8 + colours to choose from
  • suitable for home and office
  • ware layers between 0,55 mm with lifetime warranties



Vinyl Flooring: Exactly What Is It?

Vinyl flooring is synthetic fiber board though compression of resin, pvc, ceramics and some with wood shavings. The basic core boards are then treated with a decorative layer of vinyl to give off an appearance of real hardwood board With top transparent tread layer and wear lay is applied to the top of each plank These layers serves to protect the vinyl and the core board.

Plank Detailed

Vinyl flooring comes in various widths and lengths. Vinyl flooring has surrounding micro V-joint & also supplied with butt join as shown in the images below. With natural wood EIR embossing to replicate genuine country house-style plank floors more convincingly than ever before. Good quality LVT vinyl flooring is also robust, lightfast, easy to clean, and characterized by low emissions.

Groove & Buttons

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

LVT is an industry term, not a standard, for vinyl that realistically mimics the appearance of natural materials with an added layer to improve wear and performance. The extra layer of protection is usually a heavy film covered with a UV-cured urethane that makes it scuff, stain and scratch resistant. LVT vinyl flooring is made in two ways, click system and stick down.

We prefer to use the click system as it’s thicker and stronger plank than the stick down vinyl which is only 2 and 2.5 mm thick. Plus with stick down all floors must be screeded, when you add the cost of screeding, glue and flooring it works out almost the same price as the click flooring. With the click system the floors must be level and in some cases the floors may not require screeding.

Vinyl flooring comes in different thickness starting from 4mm up to 5mm. Some of our vinyl floors may come with special foam backing which would require no additional underlayment. Sadly when met with the cost to achieve this, only as little as 10% of these customers still show interest in Vinyl Floors

Installation of Vinyl Flooring

At Urban Studio Designs we supply and install all our vinyl flooring and ensure we maintain the supplier’s instructions to secure the warranty of the flooring. Before starting any vinyl flooring installation the floor area must be checked if its level. If installing over tiles the gaps between the tiles must not exceed 5mm. If it does, then those grout gaps must be filled and leveled.

When installing LVT vinyl flooring onto smooth and leveled floors, only 200 to 300 micro plastic is required. Vinyl flooring can be installed onto tiles or onto other timber subfloors, we would then use 300 micro rubber lay to create the cushion and air flow between the two floors.

Vinyl Flooring: Where can it be used?

In private homes, vinyl flooring can be laid just about anywhere. Vinyl flooring is also often installed in commercial establishments, including hotels, restaurants, offices and shops. These floors naturally take more of a beating than in homes. So make sure that you choose a product of an appropriate utilization and abrasion resistance class so you can continue enjoying it for a very long time to come.

How to Clean & Care for your Vinyl Flooring?

So now that you have your floors installed, the next step is to ask yourself: How do I clean & care for my vinyl Flooring?
Cleaning and maintenance are a lot more relevant than you may think. Proper maintenance can ensure that your floors serve for their maximum lifespan. Unlike all wood or wood composite floors, Vinyl flooring can be exposed to stagnant pools of water for extended amounts of time, as they are 100% water proof.

Vinyl flooring can be wet mopped, but be sure not to use harsh chemicals and detergents to clean your flooring. Vinyl flooring should not be polished or wiped with any spirit chemical. For those areas that are exposed to long periods of sunlight we would recommend to add some curtains, blinds or some form of tinting. Sharp objects should not be pressed or dropped onto the flooring. Heavy items with narrow and thin bases or legs should have some form of carpeting to protect the flooring.

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