Installation of Blinds - Indoor

We install all our blinds we supply. There are 2 ways that blinds are installed. Recess which is inside the window or face fix which is on the wall. The best fitment of blinds are in the recess as this make for a clean an flush finish.

Installation of Outdoor Blinds

All our outdoor blinds are custom made and installed by our own team. All materials used in out outdoor blinds are suitable for outdoors and are treated or rust proof. Every installation is different so we would have to discuss the finer details with you on site when measuring.

Installation of Flooring

Although flooring may seam easy to install you still need the right tools and knowledge of the product. With specialized and trained staff that know each product and how to install and leave the correct gaps for the doors and other expansions. This is why we install all our flooring products to ensure perfect fitment.

Installations & Manufacturing of Furniture

We manufacture all our custom made furniture. Some of the items we make don’t require installation. For the units that do, we install and ensure everything is in its correct place and all parts are working perfectly.

Installation of Shutters

Our custom made shutters have to be installed with precise measurements and levels. With many factors of levels to take into account our shutters can be installed in the recess or on the face of the wall.

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